Cavern Cove Book is Free for Your Kindle Today!


Good Morning and Happy Hump Day!  I have fantastic news!  My first book, Cavern Cove, published last month is free today for your Kindle!  I think you should hop on over to Amazon and add it to your summer reading list!  It’s a light fun YA book about witches.

I believe you will enjoy it and I look forward to hearing what you think! You can get it HERE.

Nicole relocated to Delaware from Texas after her parents perished in a car accident. She lives with her grandparents and is eager to finish her senior year so she can move back to Texas to attend college. Little does she know her life is about to take some unexpected turns. For one, she finds out she’s a witch with the power of conjuring. Then she finds out a young man who has caught her eye named Brent is also a witch with powers. She also learns she is a future Coven Leader with Brent as her other half. Nicole begins to adjust to her new life and anticipates the All Hallows’ Eve party where everyone’s powers will be regenerated. But she soon realizes someone wants to gain more power by eliminating her. Now she’s in a race to find out who is friend or foe before it’s too late.


A Post-Apocalyptic World

Hey Guys!  I hope you had a great weekend!

This weekend I started Chapter 12 of my current book, which is a post-apocalyptic after the lights go out in America.

It got me thinking!  Yes, I know, dangerous territory!  Did you see the smoke? 🙂

So, I started to think, what would and wouldn’t I miss in a post – apocalyptic world?

I would miss:

  • First and foremost, I would miss my daughter if she didn’t live on the same coast as I am on. This is one of my greatest fears. Heck, any parent would have this fear. Never seeing our children again. I once told my daughter that if anything like this happened, we would have to plan a location to meet in. Her response? If I’m in California, I’m staying in California. Alrighty then… I’ll have to travel, on bike, or walking, over 3,000 miles.   Fun times!
  • Family and Friends. If I’m at the point in my life that I am working from the road and traveling the country, would I be able to make it back home?  Better question, with all the violence that is sure to follow, would I risk my life to try and make it home?
  • My Kindle. But, I would always have books, as well, so, reading wouldn’t go away.
  • My iPhone. Ummm, hello.. Candy Crush and Pokemon GO! Oh, and I guess texting with friends and family, lol.
  • My laptop. I would miss writing my books. I’d have to go back to the old way and make sure I have plenty of paper and pencils to continue writing.  Even if no one were able to read them, I think I’d still continue writing.
  • Starbucks. I would SO miss my Passion Tea Lemonade!
  • Grocery Stores. It’s going to be a lot of work hunting food, planting a garden and living off the land.

What I wouldn’t miss:

  • My weight!  Hello walking and biking around to everywhere. Would love to see those pounds shed right off!
  • My iPhone. Yes, I know that’s on my miss list as well, but, the dependency we have on it today?  Sometimes I wish it were a paperweight instead!
  • Grocery Stores. I know I’m strange. The grocery store goes on this list as well because it’s one of the easiest places to get food that is bad for us.
  • The government. Ummm, have you seen the way it’s turning?  Can you imagine if this situation happened during Trump or Clinton running for office? Trump would be in denial and Clinton would lie and say it’s not really happening.
  • Work. Strangely enough, this would go on my not miss list LOL! I’ll be working hard enough to keep myself alive and keep food growing. Never mind having to deal with going to work.  But, as I work on my computer all the time at work, continuing to work would be a non-issue.
  • Bills.  Oh come on.  Who in the world wouldn’t miss bills??  Go back to a time with a barter system?

If an EMP ever went off over our country, what would you miss?  What wouldn’t you miss? Do you think this is something that would happen in our lifetime?

Book Signing Event

On July 1st, I had my first Book Signing!  I was so excited!  I had 18 books out and my Disney pen, ready to go! I put out a bowl of chocolates as treats for people as well.


I ended up only selling four books. I am definitely not disappointed. I expected a lower turn out because I am a new author. No one knows me. And my town is a small one. If I had been set up outside? I may have sold more. But, I was actually happy with what I sold. That was four people who previously didn’t know I existed! The people who stopped by were so nice, and excited for me. They were happy to meet an author who had their first book out and ready to go for readers. We were able to chat for a little bit as well.

One person who stopped at my table was excited that someone with the same spelling as her’s had a book out. I loved that!  Jacqui power!  🙂 🙂 :).


I will continue getting myself out there. Even if the signings are only four books at a time. Having the opportunity to meet and talk with new people about your passion and their lives is priceless :).